Free Flow Physical Therapy

Free Flow Physical Therapy, PLLC offers quality care for people with musculoskeletal and scoliosis problems.   Our interest is to have you return to your normal activities as fully and  quickly as possible.  We will take the  time to listen to you, to conduct a thorough orthopedic evaluation and to set  together a treatment plan to meet your goals.   Unlike traditional physical therapy set up, we operate on a one-on-one  basis.  This means that for one hour you will have undivided attention by the physical therapist.

Our mission is to provide excellent quality and  individualized rehabilitative care to our patients.   Our treatment approach prioritizes a one-on-one session time where thoroughly conducted 011musculoskeletal evaluation and treatment are performed.  Our goal is to  help you resume your functional activities and improve your well being.  Our holistic treatment will not only address  the specific musculoskeletal problem that you came in for but will help you  understand how primary dysfunction results in other movement limitation of your  body.  Hands on treatment, neuromuscular reeducation, postural awareness, functional mobilization and retraining will  guide you toward positive recovery.

For a consultation or appointments please call Dr. Lemieux PT, DPT in Nyack, NY at 845-323-5418, or email her at